Who We Are

Who We Are

Energy and Experience – the best of both worlds

Established in 2010, we see ourselves as wise heads on young shoulders, with many of our key team members serving the construction industry for more than 25 years. Brosnan Construction offers a team that not only has outstanding technical skills, but also one with the professionalism and management experience expected of a leading construction management company.

These attributes, coupled with the boutique quality of having direct access to the business owners, means that we are able to offer a tailored, high-quality and high-value service to the industry.

This fresh, leading-edge approach to construction management is supported by the numerous industry awards bestowed upon our people.

Brosnan Construction works throughout the country, with offices in Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland.  Since establishment, we have welcomed a number of repeat clients – a testament to the service we provide.


Broad-based Experience

Brosnan Construction utilises their expertise and integrity to deliver a range of project types to the utmost quality standards.  Some of the project types we undertake include:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Earthquake Strengthening and Repairs
  • Educational Facilities
  • Interior Fit-Outs
  • Weatherproofing Remediation and Reclads
  • Residential
  • Facade Upgrades and Improvements


Management and Process - Success Through Relationships

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of professional construction services and believe that it is the rapport between the client and the project team that enables us to deliver the most mutually satisfying project outcomes.  Our methodologies take into account our clients’ key project drivers from the outset to ensure that we exceed quality expectations and maximise value.

Bringing together a leading-edge construction team from a range of backgrounds means that we have fresh ideas and a constructive can-do approach to our work.  Our management team works closely with clients and consultants through all stages of the construction process.  We implement a number of project monitoring and reporting strategies to maximise communication, efficiency and overcome any issues early on.

Whilst adopting industry best practise, we will always challenge existing process to ensure we have the best solution, believing that when we bring great people and sound process together, we have every chance of success.

Brosnan Safety



It is our aim to send everyone home safely every day and our people uphold these principles.  This has resulted in outstanding Health and Safety records and is reflected in our status as a Tier 2 Site Safe accredited organisation.

We are committed to continuous safety improvement, not only through best practice processes, but also through regular measurement and review of our safety performance, project by project. These KPIs are also part of ongoing, stringent reviews by SiteSafe, which are undertaken regularly in order to maintain our Tier 2 status, which we have held since 2011.

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Brosnan Quality



We believe that Henry Ford had it right when he said “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Our commitment to quality, delivered through our people and their outstanding attitude, is what stands Brosnan Construction apart. In addition, we maintain strong partnerships with industry specialists and subcontractors – from architects, engineers and project consultants, to specialised construction and civil works subcontractors. 

These relationships promote quality through innovation, delivering an unparalleled calibre of construction management services.

Brosnan Culture



Our culture is one of ‘people first’ in all aspects of the business. This begins with our own staff but, importantly, it also extends to the way we interact with our clients and other project stakeholders.

Taking account of these human elements means that we build strong relationships, which result in more openness and a smoother path to great outcomes for all involved.

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